Computer Science Course Projects


Here are some projects I wrote for class while earning my computer science degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

CS398 Undergraduate Research (Published in Conference Proceedings!)

Summer 2006. Supervisor: Dr. V.N. Venkatakrishnan (Professor Venkat). I did original research, designed and performed a usability study, wrote a paper, and presented it at an IEEE conference:

A Comparative Study of Three Random Password Generators

CS340 Software Design

I'm quite proud of my performance in this class. My final grade for the class was 100.6%. I am providing my projects below as examples of my programming skill.

Public Key Encryption and Decryption using RSA

Memory Card Game

Dots and Boxes Game

Blocks Puzzle Solver

Kings Corner Card Game

CS366 Computer Architecture II

Loop & Compare


Recursive Merge Sort


Division via Lookup-Table, Parity Generator

This assignment proved to be very challenging due to bugs in MythSim and ambiguities in the assignment description. To work around the MythSim bugs, I designed a MythSim Assembly Language and wrote an assembler in Python. This allowed me to complete Part 2 of the assigment in a short amount of time.


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