Chat Server in Erlang (13 May 2005)


This is my first project in Erlang. I'm enjoying learning the language very much. It is well suited to programs that have many concurrent processes, like servers. Erlang was created by Ericsson. They did an excellent job in designing the language and platform.

This chat server is divided into nine modules:

The chat server is an Erlang OTP application. It is started with the command application:start(chat). Various server parameters are defined in the application definition file, ebin/ The logfile is created in the priv directory.

The protocol consists of lines of text terminated by CRLF. Here is the transcript of a telnet session:

Welcome to Unnamed Chat Server
1118308610 localhost:1273 connected.
1118308613 <localhost:1273> Hello!
1118308619 <localhost:1273> Goodbye...


The files are provided for educational purposes only.


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